Thank You Senator Zell Miller

Dear Senator Miller (and Ms. Shirley),

Of all the “Great Georgians” you, Sir, were and will always be “The Greatest”.  Our Great State of Georgia is truly Blessed, because for us Georgians you are “The Miracle of Brasstown Valley” leaving an undeniable legacy as “Zell: The Governor Who Gave Georgia HOPE”.  You will always be Georgia’s Greatest Educational Governor.

This past Friday and forever more, “They Heard Georgia Singing” along with the Angels who carried you home and I pray that they will “Listen to this Voice”, as yours spoke volumes as “A Senator Speaks Out On Patriotism, Values and Character” with your “Boot Camp Values” to address “A Deficit of Decency” here on Earth.

Like you, thanks to my mother and the Grace of God, I also have Appalachian Roots and Heritage, and “The Mountains Within Me” scream out in sorrow and heartache as “Purt Nigh Gone: The Old Mountain Ways” and the Old Mountain Man who was a Scholar full of wisdom that I held in the utmost and highest regard…my boss, my mentor and my friend.

Born and raised a Southern Conservative Democrat, I was grateful when you told me the words I needed to hear, “A National Party No More: The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat”, as only you could explain in the manner of a Loving Father who not just scolds his children, but always provides the opportunity to learn and thrive from our mistakes and transgressions.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for strengthening my moral compass by leaving me with “Corps Values: Everything You Need To Know I Learned in the Marines” and everything I needed to know I learned from you and the Bible.

Signed, Sealed, & Delivered: Highlights of the Miller Record” provides only a fraction of the contributions you Sir have made to mankind, our state, our nation, and especially for your fellow Georgians and Appalachians.  I can hear the Good Lord saying now, “Welcome Home, Well Done, My Good and Faithful Servant!”

Thank you Shirley for sharing Zell with Georgia and always being his greatest asset, and may the Good Lord comfort your heart with peace until you both reunite in Heaven.  And, Sir, I will sorely miss you as “They Do Not Make Heroes Like Zell Miller and My Daddy Anymore”!


With much love and affection,

Tina Coria

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